a mixture of mainly antioxidant active ingredients, cytoprotectors and biostimulants able to improve blood circulation and nutrition to the hair follicle, with the aim of reactivating it.
they also improve hair quality,producing a better structure of the keratin which not only makes it stronger, but also makes its role in relecting certain rays of light more ei cient . its use is indicated for people with hair loss due to unsuitable hair treatments, people with nutrition and endocrinal disorders which deteriorate the hair and as a help in the case of hereditary
alopecia. also as a complement in treatments of alopecia areata. patients of ered treatment with this product will experience an improved quality of their hair , which will become shinier and with a better deined color, there will also be denser hair growth
ingredients :
panthenol, pyridoxine, thiamine, biotine, iron gluconate, Amino acids, Vit B 5, Vit B 6, Vit C.

made in spain